Southern Association of College & University Business Officers (SACUBO) 2016 Annual Meeting

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  • Date: Sunday, April 17, 2016
    Time: 12:00 pm
    Location: Asheville, NC

    Kyle Frigon will be conducting a seminar at the Southern Association of College & University Business Officers’ (SACUBO) 2016 Annual Meeting. The presentation, entitled “Proposed FLSA Changes: Managing Change is Key to Success”, will uncover the financial, operational, and organizational challenges that could arise if the current FLSA overtime rule changes proposed earlier this year come into effect. The presentation will also explore the steps companies can take to be compliant.

    The SACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting will take place on April 17th – April 19th at the Grove Park Inn located in Asheville, NC. “Proposed FLSA Changes: Managing Change is Key to Success” is scheduled for April 17th. For more information about the SACUBO 2016 Annual Meeting, please visit the event listing on the SACUBO website.

  • About “Proposed FLSA Changes: Managing Change is Key to Success”:

    The session will layout the key provisions of the DOL’s proposed changes to the FLSA overtime rules that are expected to become effective in 2016. The session will inform participants of the background on these changes, the new salary test, and status of potential changes to the duties test. Key financial, organizational, and operational issues will be identified and strategies for addressing the potential impact will be explored along with recommended next steps to begin the process to ensure timely compliance.


    • Background and stated objectives of the proposed rule changes and how they differ from current rules
    • Proposed Salary test and indexing methodology
    • Compensation and financial issues that will need to be addressed
    • Compliance time line