Higher Education Roundtable: The Affordable Care Act–Strategic Issues and Challenges Facing Higher Education Institutions

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  • Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
    Time: 10AM
    Location: 1111 Metropolitan Avenue, Suite 1000, Charlotte, NC 28204

    In this session we will explore some of the key challenges facing higher educational institutions as a result of the ACA and touch on some of the key compliance issues and emerging trends in the health benefits landscape. We will identify cost containment strategies in the context of increasing pressure for colleges and universities to expand provide affordable access to higher education.

    Who Should Attend
    This program is designed for Higher Education Industry Business Officers and HR Professionals.

  • Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the key issues and challenges presented by the ACA and how these will impact long term strategic planning for higher education institutions.
    • Assess the financial impact on institutions as a result of ACA provisions that will increase underlying healthcare costs and plan enrollment.
    • Recognize key compliance and administrative requirements of the ACA.
    • Identify cost containment strategies and emerging opportunities presented by marketplace trends and evolution.