Direct Recognition VIP

A Qualified Retirement Plan Designed to Optimize Benefits & Minimize Risk Direct Recognition VIP


Thinking Outside the Box, Without Stepping Out of Bounds

Cherry Bekaert Benefits Consulting sets the standard with business smart plans that are efficient, effective and responsive to the specific needs of each client.


Maximum Flexibility

The Direct Recognition VIP plan is designed to the specific objectives of each plan sponsor. Participant benefits increase/decrease in direct relationship to investment results. Direct Recognition VIP mitigates the underfunding/overfunding complications of traditional DB and Cash Balance plans, and increases contributions far in excess of defined contribution profit sharing/401(k) plans.

Administrative Ease – High Tech, High Touch

The professionals at Cherry Bekaert Benefits Consulting combine business smart perspective with state-of-the-art systems to design, implement and administer cash balance, 401(k) plans, profit sharing and traditional pension plans.

Total Access

Online participant benefits and administrative reports, 24/7

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