Affordable Care Act Consulting


With the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) in effect, Cherry Bekaert Benefits Consulting (“CBBC”) has the expertise to help your company navigate through this new and uncharted territory. Our consultants offer an in-depth, seasoned perspective, as well as cost-effective solutions to anticipate, administer, monitor and evaluate any legislative and legal challenges your company may face.

Strategic Planning

A cost benefit analysis needs to go beyond the numbers. Before reaching conclusions and offering your company recommendations, several factors are to be considered, such as the competitive environment, labor market pressures, your workforce dynamics, total compensation mix and employee relations. Our broad expertise allows us to deliver “Business Smart” advice resulting in positive growth for your company.

Administration & Compliance Guidance

In-house compliance experts ease the burden and anxiety of meeting countless employer requirements. From W-2 reporting, MLR rebate distribution and automatic enrollment to beyond, we’ll guide you on the right path.

Financial Impact & Projections

Experienced analysts assess your company’s short- and long-term financial impact of all ACA provisions and medical cost drivers. Our financial modeling takes into account claims and utilization, employer penalties, safe harbor affordability testing, eligibility, tax deductions and your payroll tax-savings.

Legislative & Regulatory Updates

Healthcare reform is a work in progress. We write leading edge reports, host webinars and conduct seminars to help keep your company in the loop of regulatory guidance and legislative changes.

Communications & Education

Our communications team has the capability and knowledge to provide your company effective presentations across multiple audiences from executive leadership, finance, human resources and employee groups. This helps facilitate understanding and informed decision making at all levels.

Monitoring & Ongoing Evaluation

In the years ahead, the healthcare market will continue evolving. In response, our consultants make it a priority to keep your company well informed of the latest developments and trends, enabling you to make timely and appropriate adjustments as circumstances require. We continuously measure outcomes against stated objectives while remaining attentive to protect your company against any unintended consequences.